How it's made

Following each process closely

Gifts & More believes it is important to follow each process closely. That is why we have continuous contact and why we pay visits to the places where we manufacture accessories for living. These accessories for living are made all over the world. From Germany to India. Respect for human beings and for nature are of paramount importance. 
You can see a few photos of the process above.

The coconut doormats are woven by hand. Each doormat is made up from around 40 coconuts. A print is then made on it. The finishing touches are made by hand which ensures high quality. 
The Gobelin collection is also woven as the photos show. This gives the Gobelin collection an authentic appeal. 


Always in stock and speedy delivery

All accessories for living are subsequently sent on to us. The accessories for living are stored in our own warehouse. We send the orders to customers from the warehouse. The fact that we have our own warehouse ensures that you can get hold of new accessories for living quickly. 

Do you have any questions about our production or manufacturing processes or anything else? Please do get in contact with us.