About us

Gifts & More is an internet gift shop based in Zwolle. We supply consumers with unique, often own designs of durable products.  Due to Gifts & More having its own product lines, we can save on the costs of distributors.  This keeps our prices down.

Besides our excellent products, the spearheads of our organisation are:

  • ·         customer oriented approach
  • ·         high degree of service
  • ·         speedy delivery of our products
  • ·         quality of the own organisation


Gifts & More supplies products to customers in most European countries, from Portugal to Norway and from Ireland to Poland.  We devise attractive designs for products which are, above all, functional, for you to combine the decorative and practical functions of our products, while choosing products whose style and appearance are in keeping with your own interior and philosophy of life.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an extremely serious business for Gifts & More, and we do our utmost to take People and the Planet into account where possible.  Corporate Social Responsibility means that we do not target profit alone. Instead, we do so while taking account of the effect of our activities on the environment (planet). We also pay attention to the human aspects within our company and outside it (people). It is all about finding the balance between people, the planet and profit. That balance is increasingly proving itself to give better end results for us, for our clients and for society. Sustainability is not just a buzzword in our case, but rather a target.

All the core processes of Gifts & More play a role in CSR, from purchasing and production to personnel policy and marketing. We use energy efficient production methods and our employees work under good and fair working conditions.